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    June 15 of 2015
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“Guided by the dual discord and ritualistic force of the Missing Foundation and Swans, the group trudges through a dark, troubling landscape of Byzantine horror and Himalayan occult on their first ever-double album. […]  If you are brave enough, or you’re curious, Etazuaka is a complex and multilayered beast. You just have to put the work in to get something out.” (Monolith Cocktail)

“Etzazuaka” es su disco más ambicioso y amplio y que supone una magnífica puerta de entrada a su obra pues muestra todas las caras de la banda, además de numerosas e interesantes novedades. Ya desde la forma de su título, que juega con el nombre de Akauzazte dándole la vuelta y generando un palíndromo, sugiere una imagen circular que abarca toda la historia del grupo y todas sus manifestaciones. Sensación que se remata su propio significado, que podría traducirse por “no lo mates”. Akauzazte no muere aquí, y mucho menos su maravilloso legado.” (Tiumag)

“Etzazuaka” jedenfalls ist wie ein sich zufällig öffnendes Einfallstor in eine seit Jahrzehnten aktive Parallelwelt, Glück hat, wer unachtsamen Schrittes hineinfällt und den Mut und die Neugier hat, das seltsame Reich Akauzaztes zu erkunden” (African Paper)


Limited first edition of 401 black, 99 green vinyl. Hand-numbered. Comes with downloadcode.

Akauzazte are the last secret band in Europe. From their H.Q. at the Azkoitia abandonned abbatoir (Matadeixen) over the last twenty years they’ve always taken their time to perfect their records, their discography is vast, and they’ve evolved their sound in each one taken risks which few “sacred cows” would take.

With these precedents expectations were high for their first 2XLP Etzazuaka, but have nonetheless been surpassed with their turn towards noise, atmospheres and rawness, replacing the primary solemnity and equilibrium between cogency and emptyness. Between the industrial tribalism of Missing Foundation and the crushing force of early Swans (not in vain their rhythmic section is comprised of two drums and two basses) and their own deconstructed version of black metal or power electronics.

Most bands in industrial/noise music scenes are markedly urban, Akauzazte on the other hand sound rural, ritualistic and mystical. An oasis of ritual psychedelia and basque industrial “folk” with ancient horn instruments and deteriorated and destroyed guitars that sound as though their amplifiers are about to explode.