Origin : Barcelona, Spain
Genres : post-industrial, spoken word, experimental #noise #post-industrial #spoken word
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An iconoclast inside the postindustrial mélange. His artistic voice is unique; vunerable and brutal at the same time, his subjects are-at its core-classic: love, identity, relationships. Taking clues from Coil and Nurse With Wound he samples live original sources in the most unadverted ways and creates different layers which he modifies through pedals which serve as backdrop to his lyrics where he digs deep into his most uncomfortable personal truths.

“His voice is an important one, low and heavy, most of the times more speaking than singing, and along with
heavy, industrial rhythms and ditto heavy electronics makes this is all indeed sound like something out of the 80s […] Zozobra plays his industrial music with a similar amount of aggression, ‘con furioso’; a well-orchestrated nightmare.” (Vital Weekly Review)

Zozobra sabe entender el post-industrial exponiendo sus vivencias y perspectivas de una forma fría y directa. Un diario negro escrito con sangre y puntas de agujas rotas. Los siete temas que alberga su primer trabajo se plantearon con la intención de desorientarte dentro de un laberinto sin salida, y han sabido cumplir su objetivo con extrema pulcritud.” (NoMelody Magazine)