Genres : #krautrock #psychedelia #ritual noise
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Qa’a is the last of a small secret genealogy of unclassifiable bands that use music for magic and quasi religious purposes. Using a wide variety of instruments – some self made – and configurations, their range moves from aural assaults to zen pastoral moments. Psychedelic in all its wide spectrum, repetition, dissonance, prehistoric rites, oriental folk, electronics, ritual noise, chamber music, and avant-garde leanings give birth to a music that feels alive, mysterious and yet full of emotion. Music that has left many reviewers agreeing that they are devoid of tags with which to pigeonhole it and that are unable to feel indifferent after hearing it.

Between 2006 and 2011 Qa’a toured Spain and Europe extensively visiting a total of 7 countries and participating in festivals such as Sónar, Primavera Sound, Saint Ghetto Festival or Klangbad festival curated by Hans Joachim Irmler (Faust), sharing the stage and opening for pioneers of advanced music such as The Residents, Steven Stapleton (NWW), Cluster, Dieter Moebius, Jaki Liebezeit (Can) and FM Einheit (Einstürzende Neubauten).
Hans Joachim Irmler (Faust) is a firm benefactor of the band and executive producer of their second album Chi’en which he qualified as “an incredible album which probably won’t receive the recognition it deserves until after 10, 15 or maybe even 20 years have passed”.

“Make sure you grab your own copy of this Final Drudion’s Vinyl of the Month, for SANG by Spain’s expert ensemble Qa’a is one essential to own in the real world. Released in triple white vinyl on the Magia Roja label, this supposedly final release showcases Qa’a at their Can-esque finest. […] SANG is six sides of pure sonic invention whose feet dance within the bossanova rhythms and Jaki Love-time drum-o-thons. Imagine Dr. John’s ‘Mama Roux’ Night Tripper-period meets Miles’ AGARTHA No Wave meets Parson Sound, and yooz halfway to understanding these gents’ pleasure centres.” (Julian Cope Final Drudion’s Vinyl of the Month)

“Qa’a turn in a well thought out and sophisticated krautrock classic, which high fives a long line of stimulating and galvanised influences. […]Somewhere between the moody dark rock of latter day bands such as Dead Meadows and Black Mountain mixed with the modular tinkering of groups like Holy Fuck and Leafcutter John, our plucky duo manage to throw up enough surprises to make sure that this is not merely a homage” (Monolith Cocktail)




July 2021

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July 2021

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