La Roda de la Justícia/ Coàgul




  • Title
    La Roda de la Justícia
  • Format
    Red coloured vinyl
  • Catalog
    MR_07_Coàgul “La Roda de la Justícia” LP (ltd 1st edition 763 copies, red)
  • Released
    November 2013
  • Price
La Roda de la Justícia/ Coàgul


Coàgul is Marc O’Callaghan –synths, voices and bells- playing Suicide’s shamanic trance via Esplendor Geometrico’s industrial sound or Einstürzende Neubauten playing electronic psychedelic noise with PIL circa “Flowers of Romance”, only with more drony, epic, anthemic and minimalistic processions, sometimes played at a roman slave ship pace. At the same time his music feels medieval -even rural- with lyrics formed by esoteric dark poetry in Catalan, chanting and proclaiming things like “Be the light that burns the world” or “Riding with Death, there’s blood in the mud, will is annulled, useless organs, the army of victims holds up the pyramid!” or “ I want you to eat my intestines so I can be virgin for you once more, I want you to eat my balls to be the scorpion that sticks it deep into you”.With an aesthetic halfway between black metal and David Tibet, his themes are plagued with ancient Mediterranean symbolism, references to tarot, surrealism and old secrets, and through all this he still manages to sound punk. And still all comparisons miss the point.

Review on Monolith Cocktail:

“The primal howled buzz saw drone of fellow Spanish miscreant Coàgul takes its cue from Throbbing Gristle.

Wallowing beastly loops are flayed by ring modulations, electric shock therapy and all manner of dial twisting fuckery. A harassed chorus of chained up dogs, starved grunting pigs and unidentifiable scuttling creatures that dart in and out of the darkened corners of the speakers, add a sense of forbidding dread. For an album of such miasma, fuzz and distortion – Boris without the luxury of space and time – this self-titled opus can be quite melodically pleasing at times, breaking out from the primordial soup to sniff at the passing nuclear breeze of harmony.”