Chicaloyoh is the solo project of French musician Alice Dourlen.

Through her almost 10 years career, Alice has had a fascinating trajectory, we dare to say one of the most fascinating of this decade; never staying too much in one territory she has explored ritualistic pyschedelicism, folk, experimental music, industrial, collaging, spoken word, minimal synth to the point that those tags have become meaningless.
Never being generic always a true original, each phase sees her more and more in her own world.

FFO: Grouper, Nico, Nurse With Wound, Catherine Ribeiro, Roberto di Simone.

Tracks of L’Inventaire des Disparitions have been recommended by The Quietus on their monthly Rockfort mix and by the Independent Music Podcast in UK.

Chicoloyoh’s sound is incredibly unique, best described as darkly introspective. It’s a magical combination of minimalism (near-tribal drum beats, drones, and repetitive guitar lines) and chant-like vocals which are reminiscent of Nico.” (Soundrainreview)

“Her Nico(esque) dronals seemed to pierce the gloom beautifully, pinned to skuttering beats that reminded me of Danielle Dax in places, as those loose rhythmic folds hungrily ate into the ritualised delivery. […] Curling vocals seemed to haunt the battlements of each song like a screech-less Diamanda Galás. Fallen angels of French baptised in lush keyboards that wavered between pop, psych and something altogether more unquantifiable.” (

“De Nico période The Marble Index à Catherine Ribeiro, Brigitte Fontaine ou Armande Altai, les étalons ne manquent pas pour situer la voix de la Normande Alice Dourlen dans le monde de la musique pop-et-plus-si-affinités. […] avec l’onirisme vicié des films de Kenneth Anger, l’érotisme terrorisant de Sade, l’esotérisme de carton pâte des maîtres mystificateurs Cagliostro, Aleister Crowley ou Helena Blavatsky” (Le Drone)

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