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    3X white LP
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    16th of November 2013
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“Make sure you grab your own copy of this Final Drudion’s Vinyl of the Month, for SANG by Spain’s expert ensemble Qa’a is one essential to own in the real world. […] SANG is six sides of pure sonic invention whose feet dance within the bossanova rhythms and Jaki Love-time drum-o-thons. Imagine Dr. John’s ‘Mama Roux’ Night Tripper-period meets Miles’ Agartha No Wave meets Parson Sound, and yooz halfway to understanding these gents’ pleasure centres.” (Last album of the month on Julian Cope’s Head Heritage, Final Drudion, March 2014)

“Sang feels like a major statement and it appeals strongly to my love of outsider art: Victor is clearly someone who absolutely, completely does not care what the rest of the world is doing and Qa’a’s bizarro, ritualistic free-form psychedelia is delivered with total sincerity and conviction.  I suspect that Sang’s unique charms will resonate most strongly with obsessive fans of Faust, Can, and the like, but Qa’a might also appeal to those looking for a dispatch from rock’s fringiest and most uncompromising outer limits.  In that regard, Sang is hard to top.” (Brainwashed)


Limited first edition of 150 copies on solid white vinyl 3xLP. Mastered at half speed and put on 140g vinyl. Comes with download code.

The third album by the arcane Qa’a, Sang, was recorded between 2009 and 2011 in an abandoned XIXth century mansion-bathhouse. It’s a magic inspired album, at times noisy, at times misterious and hypnotic, swamped with dark psychedelia where the oasis’ merge with the desert.


Sang/ Qa'a