• Artist
    Ordre Etern
  • Title
    Revolució Soterrada
  • Catalog
    Màgia Roja (MR 011), Tesla Tapes (TeslaV001)MR011
  • Format
  • Released
    September 2015
  • Price
    LP Black 13€ / LP White 15€/ LP Green SOLD OUT


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 The rhythms arrive in stifled bursts of catharsis and stumbles of syncopation, trapped within cycles of restriction and booming breakthrough, while the synths spit phrases growled through clenched teeth, like the downward pressure of civil obedience suffocating all sentiments of revolutionary dissent. […] Despite the omnipresence of waste and immobilising noise, Revolució Soterrada still glimmers with the potential for change. (ATTN Magazine)

A strange brew indeed, mixing electronics with buzz saws, soldering equipment and a cannonade percussion of metallic reverb the new but atavistic preoccupied Ordre sound like a pissed off The Normal, or a stripped backed and hostile Einstürzende Neubauten jamming with Sunn O))). A machine horror show, delivered from cursed instruments, Revolució Soterrada beats out a persistent bleat of pained resignation, the vocals becoming ever more unhinged and desperate; this is anything but an easy ride into the chasm. (Monolith Cocktail)


First edition of 325 black, 99 green and 66 white vinyls, co-released by Màgia Roja and Tesla Tapes. Hand-numbered. Comes with download code.

Following in the tradition of the dark and stark imaginary of artists such as Lorka and with distinct Mediterranean fire, the sound of Ordre Etern is bleak and vile as the void the spirit of their city represents. Ordre Etern is not the defeat but the struggle, the endless struggle, and the celebration of the endless crises-not just economic, but moral-of present times. With lyrics dark as the period that brought them to light, they speak of fighting and resisting in a cruel present, against adversity, urban and moral desolation and the divide between the two natures of man. With feedbacking drums that ressemble guitars and guitars that ressemble shards of metal-without a single note-together with electronic and modified drums, synths and timpani, Ordre Etern have created a dystopic postindustrial nightmare.

Yarei Molina: modified drums, electronic and metallic percussion, timpani
Víctor Hurtado: prepared guitar, vocals, bass, synth
Mixed and produced by: Huan
Mastered by Stephen Bishop
Cut to vinyl at RAND MUZIK
Artwork by: Cassandra Dada and Yarei Molina
Photos by: Paula Latimori