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    Les Aus & Huan
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    1st of January 2011
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Limited first edition CDR. Collaboration album of Les Aus and Huan, both from Barcelona, recorded in January 2011 and co-released by Màgia Roja and Ozono Kids before embarking upon a West Coast tour of the USA between the 27 th of January and the 11th of February 2011.

Les Aus is a duet formed in 2003 by Arnau Sala and Dalmau Boada, coming from experimental hardcore band Omega 5. Their music is an assault of frenetic rhythms, mystic incantations and folkloric music from non-existant countries which form a psychedelic whirlwind of insuperable energy.

They have toured Europe and the United States extensively by themselves and in collaboration with numerous artists such as Lydia Lunch, Sheik Anorak or Eli Keszler and have released records with Gaffer Records and Simple Social Graces among others as well as with Arnau Sala’s own label Ozono Kids. With broad international recognition Les Aus are one of the main references of Spanish underground music. 20 Jazz Funk Greats said “their music sounds as if it had been made in some secret beach with the Mediterranean Sun rising on the horizon, after the ingestion of respectable quantities of psychedelic substances: epic, propulsive and life affirming.”


Huan is the alter ego of Víctor Hurtado a multi-instrumentalist and producer and distinguished member of Barcelona’s experimental scene in which he is active with many projects. He was also the creative mind behind psychedelic-noise band Qa’a, with whom he’s toured Europe extensively and that counts Hans Joachim Irmler, Steve Stapleton and Julian Cope among their supporters, the post-industrial duo Ordre Etern, rhythmic noise solo project Futuro de Hierro and currently he’s part of the duo Dame Area and Djs under his moniker Comisario de la Luz.


Les Aus & Huan