• Artist
    Jochen Arbeit & Huan
  • Title
    Jochen Arbeit & Huan
  • Catalog
  • Format
    Blue 12″
  • Released
    November 16, 2013
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“Using two guitars and drum machine, the duo attempt to create a new Germanic-Catalan psychedelia.” (The Wire Tapper 36)

“Arbeit & Huan’s collaboration feels purposeful, departing from the merely ambient & moodscaping, sustaining interest by providing variety & detail of timbre, range, development, motif & dynamics. The music rewards close listening, its ideas, motifs & sound-cells arriving & departing with surprising, natural flow, like exotic unicellular critters sliding in & out of a microscope’s view.” (Snailcrow)

“Not strictly an album, containing as it does only three mapped-out travails into the ether, the 45rpm 12″ does feel like one: each track a multilayered narrative of bending, folding and stressed guitar soundscapes that builds into a mental picture of some esoteric expanse. Eruditely and slowly crafted, the guitar led drones build up an entire environment, spookily evocative of a journey into the heart of darkness. The obscured plaintive strains increasingly whine away wildly, landing on some mysterious forbidden planet of alien machinery.” (Monolith Cocktail)


45rpm 12″ limited first edition of 500 copies pressed on 140g solid blue coloured vinyl. Mastered at half speed.

Jochen Arbeit was member of influential instrumental band Die Haut and part of the Berlin Geniale Dilettanten scene– with roots in punk and Dada. Without a fixed singer Die Haut drew from a list of collaboration singers from Nick Cave to Alan Vega, Kim Gordon or Arto Lindsay. Being old friends from the 80’s- Blixa Bargeld was another of the regular collaborators of Die Haut- Jochen Arbeit joined Einsturzende Neubauten in 97, participating in their musical rebirth which culminated in the recording of records exclusively with the support of their fans.

Huan is the alter ego of Víctor Hurtado a multi-instrumentalist and producer and distinguished member of Barcelona’s experimental scene in which he is active with many projects. He was also the creative mind behind psychedelic-noise band Qa’a, with whom he’s toured Europe extensively and that counts Hans Joachim Irmler, Steve Stapleton and Julian Cope among their supporters, the post-industrial duo Ordre Etern, rhythmic noise solo project Futuro de Hierro and currently he’s part of the duo Dame Area and Djs under his moniker Comisario de la Luz.


Jochen Arbeit: guitar
Huan: guitar and drum machine
Engineer: Pablo Miranda López
Editing/mixing: Víctor Hurtado Torres
Mastering: Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering
Vynil mastering: Yann de Kéroullas at Reverse Primecut
Artwork: Clara Iris Ramos