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    Heal the Split
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    1st of March 2020
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“The record is an accomplished and bold debut from a group at the forefront of Jerusalem’s defiant art scene. The main takeaway might be the devastating noise that runs throughout, but this record is lively and memorable for its dynamism and reluctance to stick to one genre or sound. On Heal the Split, Wackelkontakt are staring, screaming and spitting into the void, but forever will the void be too afraid to spit back.” (The Quietus)

“Entre arabescos, distorsiones, alaridos y efectos, la voz de la cantante muta de tono masculino a femenino, acentuando esa voluntad del trío de triturar toda clase fronteras. Los haces de luz inundan la sala. La hormigonera de trap industrial, rap psicótico y hardcore digital sigue engullendo géneros.  […] Al acabar el concierto, se palpa en el ambiente esa sensación de euforia que te invade tras haber presenciado algo excepcional.” (El Periodico)


From industrial to trap, from power electronics to R&B, all with a distinctive middle eastern flavour: Heal the Split is a masterpiece soundtrack to Jerusalem’s coflict, paranoia and isolation. Heal the Split is Wackelkontakt debut LP. First edition of 300 copies, comes with download code.

Wackelkontakt have already made a global mark with the sensory overload of their live multimedia performances and the scintillating presence of frontwoman Tomer Damsky AKA MC Slice, backed by Eyal Lally Bitton (electronics, visuals, scenography) and Marco Milevski Tomasin (drums and electronics). Wackelkontakt’s wildly eclectic approach, bound by an impossibly consistent sound, is a direct result of the band living a minute away from The Old City’s Damascus Gate and recording in the ultra-orthodox neighbourhood of Me’a She’arim; Jerusalem is present in the music, not in the shape of touristic exotica but in a sense of conflict, paranoia and isolation.

The lyrics are equally contradictory, schizophrenic and chaotic. Emotional manipulation clashes with a desire to shake and be shaken, to allow oneself to become sucked as far as possible from self-loathing. When self-reflection arises it is bitter, ridiculous, pathetic, interweaving with philosophical texts lifted directly from the likes of Deleuze & Guatarri, Foucault, Artaud, WJT Mitchell and others.

For fans of: Godflesh/JK Flesh, Sneaks, Dälek, The Body, Princess Nokia, Throbbing Gristle, Gnaw Their Tongues, Ahuva Ozeri, Sarit Hadad, Pharmakon, Puce Mary, Pan Daijing (but only if you actually enjoy all of the above)