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    21st of November 2009
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 “Chi’en” is a powerful effort that has much of the focus, daring, and breadth of vision of the great krautrock acts of the 60s and 70s. […] This is a bold, uncompromising record. QA’A feels completely assured as it explores territory that’s by turns mantra-like and hypnotic, shrieking-atonal, funky-jazzy, spare and rustic, tribal and antic, or just plain unclassifiably alien. [..]  With “Chi’en” they’ve made a fearless second record that proves the spirit of late 60s experimental music is alive and well, thank you, and is living in Barcelona in a room in the House of QA’A. (Snailcrow)

Treading a fine line between glowing in the light of the past masters and repeating the same experiments over again and again, ‘Chi’en’ always sounds unique and fresh, a resounding triumph of ideas that never fall into the doldrums. (Monolith Cocktail)


Qa’a’s second album “Chi’en”, mastered at Faust Studio. Released in 2009. Limited first edition of 1000 copies on CD in jewelbox case.

Chi’en is an 80 minute long psychedelic trip that feels like a single unity moving forward. In this second album by Qa’a almost all the musical threads of the band are deepened: it’s more hypnotic and repetitive, noisier and more dissonant, somewhat more abstract and at the same time more folk although there are less ambient/drone/free jazz parts than in Vesprada. It’s a record of extremes, from nude moments to walls of dissonance and harrowing noise with a psychedelic production that has tons of layers, sounds and instruments thrown in for good measure. Hans Joachim Irmler from Faust, a professed fan, aided the band to mix and master the album.


Chi'en/ Qa'a