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Simon Crab​ was the founding member of ​Bourbonese Qualk​, who were easily one of the most strange and compelling bands to emerge from the ‘80s underground. They were also sometimes one of the best, but they never quite achieved the stature in the post-industrial canon that they deserved. A good part of that is probably due to their constantly shifting and eclectic style, though they seemed to perfect their singular mélange of electronic music, mutant funk, gamelan, and experimentalism by 2001’s ‘On Uncertainty’ (their final album).

In the last few years Crab has started to work as a solo artist – recording new music and performing live
electronic and acoustic music mixed with real time video manipulation. This new music continues to
develop the path that made Bourbonese Qualk so intriguing; an eclectic unpredictable mix of electronica, improvisation, obscure instrumentation enveloped in rapid changes of mood, direction, noise and rhythm. Simon Crab’s first solo album ‘After America’ was released in 2015 and will be followed by a new album in late 2016.