Lightning Glove


The Prague (CZ) based project Lightning Glove oscillates between a need to allude to the legacy of the subversiveness ofrave, and on the hand, the raw heritage of postpunk, inspired by the likes of Coil, Throbbing Gristle and Suicide, echoing Excepter and
“Filtered vocals, distorted beats and suuuuper slow sirens further adding to the claustrophobic feel. Never dark enough to completely scare you off, but constantly teetering on the edge of something catatonic” (Picadilly Rec.)

“LG maintain the menacing vibes with abrasive lyrics and equally abrasive rhythms touching on prophetic subjects such as the dream world and nightmare David Lynchian soundscapes , the disintegration of liberal Europe and brotherly love. This is the sci-fi sound of Europe falling into disrepair, folding in on itself. Radical Zoo (Nothing) doesn’t fit into a square box, its a record for fans of rough edges, tough electro rhythms, it’s already been getting plays from the likes of Jon K and And Andrew Lyster from Meandyou. ” (Norman Records)


Lightning Glove, un projecte basat a Praga (CZ), oscil·la entre la necessitat d’al·ludir al llegat de la subversió i, a l’altre costat, l’herència crua del postpunk, inspirat en Coil, Throbbing Gristle i Suicide, fent ressò a Excepter i el hip hop contemporani. 
Veus filtrades, ritmes distorsionats i sirenes arrelentides s’afegeixen a la sensació claustrofòbica. Mai prou fosc per espantar, vacil·la constantment a la vora de la catatònia.”  (Picadilly Rec.)

Lightning Glove, con sede en Praga (CZ), oscila entre la necesidad de aludir al legado de la subversión y, al otro lado, la herencia cruda del postpunk, se inspira a Coil, Throbbing Gristle y Suicide, haciendo eco a Excepter y el hip hop contemporaneo
“Voces filtradas, ritmos distorsionados y sirenas ralentizadas añaden a la sensación claustrofobica. Nunca suficientemente oscuro para espantarte, vacila constantemente en el borde de algo catatonico.” (Picadilly Rec.)