Kollaps, band formed in Melbourne in 2014, uses scrap metal, raw plastics, steel beaming and various raw materials to create an atmosphere of confusion within control, violent performances of downbeat tracks. The lyrics focus on romance, existentialims and nihilism, distinguishing them from most of the the other industrial projects.
They released their first EP “Heartworm” in 2015, recorded and produced by Ash Wednesday (Einstürzende Neubauten, The Models, The Metronomes) and will tour Europe November/December 2017 presenting his new record “Sibling Lovers” out on Silken Tofu and TRAIT Records.
For fans of Swans, The Body, Whitehouse.


Kollaps, trio industrial format de Melbourne el 2014, utilitza restes de metalls, plàstics i altres materials per crear una atmosfera de caos sota control. Les seves lletres estan enfocades l’existencialisme, el nihilisme i el romanç, temes que els distingeixen de la majoria dels altres projectes industrials.
Van llançar el seu primer EP “Heartworm” al 2015, i en la seva primera gira europea presenten el seu primer LP “Sibling Lovers” per Silken Tofu i Trait Records.
Per fans de Swans, Einstürzende Neubauten, The Body i Whitehouse.