Trinitat Nova/ Ordre Etern



  • Artist

    Ordre Etern

  • Title

    Trinitat Nova

  • Format
    Digital album
  • Released
    Juny 2014
  • Price
Trinitat Nova/ Ordre Etern


“Trinitat Nova” is the first release by Ordre Etern. A limited edition of 77 CDR’s released by Màgia Roja in November 2014.

Created by the members of psychedelic ritual band Qa’a: Yarei Molina and Víctor Hurtado, joined by Chris Haslam from noise-monguering collective Gnod.

In this new setup, a modified drums and tímpani, guitars creating impossible blocs of noise and soviet synthesizers give way to a ritualistic, mechanical and desolate sound.

Rhythmic and crushingly heavy, the music of Ordre Etern is comprised of riffs made up of “noises” where often the only melody present is provided by the vocals or the bass.

Molina and Hurtado as Qa’a have toured Europe extensively and their last work “Sang” has been named album of the month by Julian Cope in his final review on Head Heritage in March 2014. Hurtado, for his part and under the alias Huan, has projects and collaborates live with other artists such as Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten) and Nurse With Wound. Chris Haslam currently collaborates with Charles Hayward (This Heat) as part of the Anonymous Bash project.

On the 14th of June 2014 they performed at Sónar Festival and in November-December 2014 embarked on their first European tour together with fellow label artist Coàgul.

Their first LP “Revolució Soterrada” will be released by Màgia Roja in early 2015.